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Expandable Mandrels

Expandable Mandrels

Expandable mandrels by MBC are designed to fit a wide range of winding machines and can be expanded during the winding process and then collapsed to allow the finished coil to be removed. Our mandrels range from 1'' (25.4 mm) to 35'' (900 mm) in diameter and up to 9 m in length. We make the ferrule you need with all the characteristics required for your installation.


Expandable mandrels are also called:

- Expandable chuck / Inflatable chuck

- Expandable spindle / Inflatable spindle

- Expandable shaft / Inflatable shaft

- Expandable sabre / Inflatable sabre


Our expandable spindles allow for a cantilever construction where overhanging structures do not need external bracing. Our expansion bars are available in rubber, aluminium and steel.

We can also service all types of winding machine. Most of our products are designed to allow for on-site installation. 


+ Cantilever construction

+ One-piece steel bar

+ Rigid and adaptable

+ Fixed spindle




Guttin MBC sleeves are designed to allow diameter changes in chucks. For example, quickly change from a 3' diameter to a 6' diameter by equipping your bar with a pair of sleeves.


+ Quick diameter changes

+ Wide range of possibilities

+ Go from a diameter of 74mm to 150mm easily

+ Pneumatic or mechanical sleeve

Shell Bars


Shell bars have two specific uses. 1. For thin mandrels, the shells avoid deformation of the mandrel. 2. Clamping allows you to eliminate the use of a mandrel (cardboard or PVC)


+ Preserves thin mandrels

+ No deformation, allowing protection of fine products

+ Use without chuck possible

Rush Bars

Paper Bars

Specially designed for the paper industry, this bar meets extreme conditions of use. It is also able to support loads and speeds specific to paper machines: (1750m/min-15 tons).

+ Locking and centring bars

+ Static balancing of the tube

+ Tapered bearing box

+ 1750 m/ min- up to 15 tonnes

Friction Bars

MBC Guttin friction bars have been designed for multitrack winding. Friction rings allow you to wind each coil at equal tension. When the tension is too great, a friction is created that allows users to regulate individually the tension exerted on each coil.

+ Multitrack work

+ Equal voltage on each coil

+ Friction ring

Key Bars

This is the preferred solution for coils with high load and/or high voltage. The keys exert a multipoint force on the chuck. Each key fits and locks the mandrel, avoiding sliding problems when tensioning.

Appreciated for its rigidity, load capacity and high strength, the key bar is available in three materials, including aluminium, steel and carbon.

This makes it possible to combine resistance and lightness!

+ Reinforced chuck support

+ High voltage

+ Easy maintenance

+ Carbon, aluminium, reinforced aluminium and steel construction

+ MBC patented


This is the preferred solution for all types of web lengths. Ideally position your spool in the alignment of your machine. Whether you’re unrolling in multi tracks or single width, the strips hold your reel perfectly. This bar is available in aluminium or steel with different options.

+ Simplified insertion

+ Lightweight

+ Quick maintenance

+ All types of diameter

Mechanical Heads with Axial Thrust



Mechanical heads with axial thrust



(Coming soon)

Mechanical Heads with Torque Passage


Mechanical heads with torque passage


(Coming soon)

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